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Jumpsuit Heaven


Jumpsuits are essentially pajamas you can wear in public, right? Especially, when they are made from the softest organic materials and are designed with sustainability in mind. Here are our picks for the most comfortable, stylish, and ethically designed jumpsuits that can be worn from day to evening and, maybe, to bed…

Warm Weather Wedges


Try saying that three times fast! We’re tossing aside traditional wedges to make room for brands with a fresh approach. These unique wedge and platform sandals are made with cruelty-free and innovative materials like sustainably harvested German beech wood and hemp. Pair them up with your favorite Spring dress and you’ll be good to go.

Snow Be Damned, It’s Officially Spring


Snow is still piling up on the East Coast and Californians are soaking in welcomed downpours, but that doesn’t change the fact that Spring is (technically) here! As we longingly dream of picnics in the park and weekend getaways, we can’t help but search for the perfect outfits to complement the sweet, hopeful days of Spring.

Vegan Birkenstocks Are Here


YES! We’ve been jealously eyeing the recent resurgence of Birkenstocks and are happy to learn that the company has launched three veganized styles, including their classic Arizona sandal. We already have the awesomely comfy and stylish Eva sandal in every color, but to get a vegan version of the iconic Birkenstock sandal is especially exciting. One of each please!

7 Vegan Clutches We Love


A new clutch is a great way to add some flavor to your purse game. We prefer timeless pieces that can perfectly compliment an outfit and outlast seasonal trends. Here are seven clutches that we have on our wishlist.