5 Wool Hat Alternatives

It’s tough to find a Fall/Winter hat that isn’t made of wool felt or felted wool. We found five high quality alternatives to top off your layered look this season.

Mechaly Jay Homburg Vegan Hat | $75


Image Credit: Mechaly

We love the unique color and faux leather detail on this structured fedora. SHOP >


Janessa Leone Begonia Black | $290


Image Credit: Janessa Leone

Switch it up with a black Panama straw hat as an alternative to the traditional wool look for Fall/Winter. SHOP >


Vaute Cole Felt Hat | $160


Image Credit: Vaute

This super chic wide brimmed hat is made in one of NYC’s last remaining hat factories . SHOP >


Mechaly Madison Fedora Vegan Hat | $75


Image Credit: Mechaly

If you’re looking for a rounded look, try this beige fedora with a belted detail . SHOP >


Anthropologie Kent Rancher | $68


Image Credit: Anthropologie

Try this soft and structured rancher with a metal detail for an upscale casual look. SHOP >