Round Up: 6 Vegan Low-Top Sneakers


Not gonna lie…we love the popular trend of high-waisted mom jeans paired with tennis shoes that have us all reminiscing about the fashion glory of the 90’s. Here is a round-up of a few of our favorites that don’t use animal products to achieve full preppy potential.

Round Up: 7 Spring-Inspired Polishes


The Spring season calls for a fresh take on your nail polish game. Even though Springtime can bring some rainy days and chilly nights, we like to foreshadow the impending warmth with brighter nails. Reach out and bring in the sunshine with these seven all-vegan, all-amazing polishes.

Round Up: All Over Oils


Tried and true moisturizing oils that can be applied any time of day on face, hair, or body. Best ways to use: If you wear foundation, apply the oil right after a face wash for better make-up coverage. Or apply liberally to the driest parts of your body (don’t forget the elbows!) right before bed and wake up to noticeably smoother skin.

Yoga Gear


Whether online or in the studio, we make sure to get in at least 10 minutes of yoga practice every day for a stronger body and calmer mind. We also know what a challenge it can be to find the right gear that feels good while taking a vinyasa but also doesn’t harm the environment or animals to make. Here are our picks for an all around …